Happiness - Buddha's Legacy

"Buddha's Legacy" is a powerful bracelet that symbolizes happiness, success and wealth and has its origins in the legend of the Chinese zodiac.

This legend tells of a race in which every animal of the Chinese zodiac took part. The competition, initiated by either the Jade Emperor or Buddha, determined the first 12 animals who were then given an honorary place in the Chinese zodiac to determine all events and fates for a whole year every 12 years.

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Success - 5 Elements (Wuxing)

The teaching of the "FIVE ELEMENTS": WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER is a central part of Chinese philosophy.

The "Five Elements", (also "five phases of transformation"), are a classic model for the diversity of life and its transformations. According to this, all things and processes can be assigned to the five great basic elements. This philosophy has an impact on the holistic approaches of modern western medicine. And many other processes in life, such as partnership, family, undertakings and projects, are also determined by them.

The five elements are not static, but are subject to constant change and transformation and have a fundamental relationship to each other. From the beginning to the end, everything is interrelated and interdependent. This cycle determines the whole of life, as well as all plans, processes and paths to the goal - or so the ancient Chinese philosophy tells us.

If each individual element is given its time, its place and its space, and if it is given mindfulness and respect, ideas and plans, wishes and dreams can be crowned with success.

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Power - Chakras

"Sources of strength for everyday life"
The energy centres of life have a long history. They unite in seven main chakras. As early as the Mayas, there are hints of energy channels in the body. But especially in India and China, the chakra teachings can look back on a long tradition. Each gemstone in the bracelet is associated with a particular chakra. In this way, the chakras can be brought back into harmony and more energy can flow through our body.

Everything in flux
The ancient energy theory of the chakras believes that energy flows through the body and is concentrated in the seven energy centres of the body. If these are not in harmony, the flow of energy is inhibited. To improve the flow of energy, one should try to balance the chakras. This can be achieved with the help of various methods and aids.

In the chakra bracelet, the ancient Indian energy teachings of the chakras are combined with the vibrations of the gemstones. The chakra bracelet is like a small rainbow that enchants the day. But not only the colours can have a stimulating effect, the vibrations of the stones are also said to have a positive influence on life. This is because the energy of the chakra teachings is combined with the power of the stones that Mother Nature has given them. The bracelet lives from its mix of energies and effects, and it is precisely this that makes up its enchanting charm, which can lead to a new life.

Seven different gemstones unite in this radiant and colourful bracelet - shining like a rainbow - and helps to bring the energy centres into harmony. They help to approach each new day with energy and strength and also give faith in a new attitude towards life.

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Harmony - Yin Yang

Chinese mythology is about the harmony of heaven, earth and man. These three components of the universe make up the order of the world. Their harmony with the cosmos promises a happy life.

Yin and Yang are two essential concepts in Chinese philosophy. They describe each other as complementary but at the same time opposing principles. The transition from one to the other is fluid.

Yin and Yang represent a relative opposition - rivalrous and yet belonging together - which detach and alternately come to the fore. They denote, as it were, opposites in their mutual interrelatedness. They also stand for processes of change, processes, but also for mutual limitation and simultaneous return.

Yin is also associated with the feminine, passive, receiving, surrendering, veiling principle. This also includes moon and shadow, earth and night, as well as the even numbers.

Yang is associated with the masculine, energetic, active, dynamic, procreative, productive principle. This also includes sun and light, sky and day, as well as the odd numbers.

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Balance - Meditation

Because of its special significance and to complement the Asian collection, we have added the "Balance" bracelet, made entirely of mookaite.

This special gemstone is called "the meditation stone" in various sources. It is only found in Australia and it captivates with its colour nuances and transitions.

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Protection - Shiva's Eye

In Hinduism, the deity Shiva is depicted with three eyes.

While the right eye represents the sun and the left the moon and thus the worldly influence of the deity, the third eye in the centre of the forehead symbolises spiritual knowledge and power - the centre of omniscience, wisdom, inner knowledge and positive energy.

Shiva has a divine view of reality.

The third eye is also considered the eye of destruction when Shiva looks outwards with it. A ray of fire destroys anyone who plans evil and carries negative feelings in their heart.

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