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Symbolas - unique bracelets as powerful symbols and life companions

Symbols are as old as mankind. They are metaphors, telling stories of values, experiences and emotions. They are the language of the soul.

Symbols strengthen the power of thought. They are a wonderful way to believe in something, because faith moves mountains.

Symbolas - Wishes come true

Today, as in the past, people like to wear symbols that are important to them as pieces of jewellery. Bracelets are particularly popular. They are an expression of faith, conviction or attachment and thus lend confidence and strength to wishes. No matter whether it is a spiritual or personally significant symbol - worn as a piece of jewellery, it takes on great significance.

That's what Symbolas stands for.

Symbolas tells stories of conviction, feelings and values with unique pieces of jewellery and also gives the wearer the power and energy contained in the composition of the gemstones.

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Symbolas Horse Worlds

We look forward to your visit of our new Symbolas Shop with fascinating jewelry (not only) for horse lovers.

After immense success of our jewelery in the world of horses we have launched a dedicated webshop (not only) for horse lovers under www.symbolas-pw.de and have moved all related collections there. We look forward to your visit.

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