Growth means personal and spiritual development. It involves expanding one's awareness, learning from experiences, and overcoming challenges. Through continuous self-improvement and adaptability, growth leads to inner strength, wisdom, and a more fulfilling life characterized by positive change and progress.

Known as the stone of cleansing and energetic transformation, Orange Calcite radiates a gentle yet powerful energy. It promotes mental growth and clarity by calming thoughts and opening the mind. Orange Calcite supports the release of old patterns and blockages and helps to gain new perspectives and fully exploit potential and continuously grow. Black Tourmaline, a powerful protective stone, brings balance and stability to life. It promotes emotional growth and self-acceptance by warding off negative energies and increasing positive vibrations. Tourmaline supports courageously taking new paths and pursuing one's dreams, while at the same time strengthening inner strength and endurance.

The Honey Bee is a symbol of hard work, order and a sense of community. They work tirelessly to raise their offspring in the honeycombs by providing them with honey. They collect the nectar from the flowers without harming the plants and, through pollination, they even make an important contribution to the continued existence of the flowers and their growth. They teach us that continuous growth and development comes through collective efforts and endurance are possible.

Just as bees multiply their treasures without destroying flowers, the bracelet encourages us to seek our happiness in a sustainable and respectful way. It reminds us that through consistent work, dedication and mindfulness we can collect our own "honey" without harming others and that personal growth is a continuous journey that requires both patience and determination.

This wisdom illustrates the importance of living in harmony with nature and the community to which we belong. The “Growth (Honey Bee)” bracelet invites us to embody the virtues of the bee - with diligence, community spirit and respect for nature - and to orient ourselves to their tireless work
as we shape our own lives.


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Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems



The yellow-golden Orange-Calcite strengthens stability, self-confidence and steadfastness, so it gives strength on the path to success. It mediates joie de vivre and optimism. Life with all its challenges is mastered with fully motivated. Pessimism and disorientation can be stripped off like a skin that is too tight. New tasked are tackled actively with the support of the gem, results and developments are accelerated. Life can thus be shaped and enjoyed enthusiastically.


Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline (Schörl) is one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies. It promotes the pursuit of harmony and clarity in life. It enables us to perceive developments and processes more closely and thus to be able to control them. It protects against negative thoughts and influences. It helps against burdens, stress, resentment and distrust, brings serenity and an open point of view.