Serenity is a state of inner peace and balance and allows you to react calmly and composed. It promotes clear thinking, emotional stability and a deep sense of peace and well-being.

White Agate promotes inner peace and stability. It helps to reduce stress, achieve emotional balance and protect against negative energies. Rock Crystal represents clarity and enlightenment. It strengthens concentration and awareness and helps to think more clearly and make informed decisions. Blue Agate supports peaceful communication and encourages the expression of thoughts and feelings. It helps to clarify misunderstandings and creates an atmosphere of trust and openness. Moonstone symbolizes feminine energy and promotes intuition. It supports emotional balance and helps to resolve inner conflicts. Moonstone brings a gentle, calming energy that relieves stress and tension and promotes calm. Amethyst is a powerful stone of calming and inner peace. It drives away negative thoughts, brings clarity and calm and supports meditation. Citrine is a stone that brings joy and optimism into your life. It promotes a positive attitude, helps drive away negative feelings and enjoy the little joys in life. Sodalite supports clear thinking and rational action. It helps to understand and deal with complex situations. Sodalite brings calm and stability to the mind. Fluorite promotes concentration and strengthens memory. It helps to eliminate mental clutter, brings structure and clarity to everyday life and helps you think clearly and focused.
Rhodonite is a stone of compassion and forgiveness. It helps to heal emotional wounds, promotes emotional balance and enables one to find serenity and peace. Peridot represents emotional healing and regeneration. It helps overcome negative emotions and brings a refreshing energy that helps open the heart and bring love and harmony into life.

Serenity” is a powerful symbol of inner peace and balance. It's a reminder to stay calm and balanced no matter what challenges life brings.


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Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems



Amethyst stands for alertness, justice and inner peace. It offers protection against external influences and attacks, has a constructive, encouraging effect and enables the causes of happiness and unhappiness to be recognized and mastered. It also promotes awareness, discernment, constructive thinking and action. It helps to overcome grief and loss and is a gem of spirituality, clarification and intuition.


Faceted Onyx

In particular, Onyx stands for strengthening self-confidence and assertiveness and promotes a healthy ego. It supports sober thinking, logic and argumentation and sharpens the senses of the wearer and the analytical ability. It strengthens the willingness to take responsibility and protects against the cinfluence of negative energies and also strengthens inner harmony.


Blue Agate

Blue Agate stands for awareness, promotes perception, intuition and personal responsibility. It helps with withdrawal and concentration and leads to spiritual maturity and growth. It supports the conscious processing of life experiences, relieves tension and supports logical- rational thinking and pragmatic solutions. It increases resistance versus external influences and conveys feelings of protection and security.



Citrine brings optimism, joy of life and energy and is said to refresh the body, mind and soul. It helps against stress and grief and depressive moods. It improves perception and helps to better process and understand experiences and disappointments. It strengthens self-confidence and your own individuality. It also brings clarity in life, curiosity and prosperity.



The core theme of the fluorite always is the freedom of decision, because it helps to become aware of heteronomy and to quickly dissolve unwanted influences. It makes creative and inventive. Suppressed feelings can be brought to mind through it and fluorite helps to make this happen. It is emotionally stabilizing, promotes self-confidence, mental clarity and quick understanding.


White Agate - Peace Agate

Agate is one of the most important healing stones. The white peace agate gives inner balance and stability and strengthens self-confidence. It helps to develop warmth and tolerance towards other people and is able to reduce inner tension. At the same time, it provides balance and calm and can relieve the fear of being alone. It promotes deep knowledge and helps to find practical solutions.



It promotes empathy, depth of feeling and intuition and works particularly well for women. It brings vitality, cheerfulness and balance and gives a youthful radiance. The moonstone can alleviate fears. By increasing sensitivity, it draws attention to happy states and suddenly irrational impulses, i.e. signals from the subconsciousness.



Peridot, the stone of joy and vitality, brings light and warmth into your life. It strengthens self-confidence and promotes a positive attitude. Peridot helps reduce stress and negative emotions and supports opening the heart and mind. It attracts prosperity and luck, harmonizes relationships and inspires new beginnings. With its refreshing energy, peridot invigorates the senses and brings clarity and joy to everyday life. A perfect companion for a life full of joy.



Rhodonite, the stone of charity and healing, promotes joy in life and emotional balance. It strengthens self-confidence and helps to discover hidden talents. Rhodonite relieves fears and supports forgiveness and compassion. It transforms negative energies into positive ones, promoting reconciliation and harmony in relationships. This stone activates the heart chakra, bringing inner peace and encouraging love and joy. Rhodonite is a powerful companion on the way to a fulfilled and happy life.



Sodalite brings endurance, courage and increases self-confidence. Through more clarity and sincerity, it helps to get rid of one's own bad habits, feelings of guilt or fears and to free suppressed feelings. This healing stone lets you stand up for your own views, persistently pursue goals and thus ensures inner balance. But sodalite can also increase the power of thought and promote inspiration and talent.