Departure stands for the courage to accept change, to leave old habits behind and to start with hope and confidence into an uncertain but promising future. With the “Departure” bracelet you can approach your path with determination and look into the future with full confidence.

Amethyst is the stone of relaxation and inner peace. It helps reduce stress and promotes restful sleep. For travelers, it is a calming companion that clears the mind and calms the soul. Hematite strengthens courage and determination. It helps to focus on goals and overcome obstacles with confidence. Hematite is the perfect stone to arm yourself against negative energies and to remain steadfast. Tiger Eye gives courage and confidence. The stone promotes confidence in one's own abilities, encourages taking on new challenges and offers guidance and clarity at a turning point. Sodalite supports mental clarity and intuition. It helps you find the way and make the right decisions. Sodalite promotes inner balance and helps you stay true to yourself. Garnet is an energy donor. It revitalizes body and mind and promotes endurance. Garnet supports the drive and perseverance required to achieve set goals. Carnelian stands for vitality and joy of life. It inspires new ideas and promotes creativity. Carnelian is a powerful motivator that encourages you to stay active and positive. Black Tourmaline protects against negative influences and creates a feeling of security. It strengthens self-confidence and helps to feel safe in challenging situations. Citrine symbolizes optimism and success. It attracts positive energies and promotes an open attitude to life. Citrine supports the manifestation of dreams and goals. Mookaite stands for flexibility and adaptability. It encourages openness to change and new perspectives. Mookaite supports emotional stability and helps to feel comfortable in new situations. Malachite represents transformation, positive change and protection.

Departure” lets you take the chosen path decisively and unerringly. It reminds you to be brave, have faith in yourself, look confidently into the future and welcome the unknown with open arms.


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Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems



Amethyst stands for alertness, justice and inner peace. It offers protection against external influences and attacks, has a constructive, encouraging effect and enables the causes of happiness and unhappiness to be recognized and mastered. It also promotes awareness, discernment, constructive thinking and action. It helps to overcome grief and loss and is a gem of spirituality, clarification and intuition.



Citrine brings optimism, joy of life and energy and is said to refresh the body, mind and soul. It helps against stress and grief and depressive moods. It improves perception and helps to better process and understand experiences and disappointments. It strengthens self-confidence and your own individuality. It also brings clarity in life, curiosity and prosperity.



Garnet gives strength, courage, energy and passion. It protects against dangers and helps to assert oneself against bad injustice. Garnet also stands for confidence and strength in change, has a constructive and strengthening effect on all activities and promotes resilience, endurance and creative thinking. It is considered the guardian of deep friendships and helps with melancholy and depression.



Hematite gives courage, gives strength, vigor, vitality and joie de vivre. Through more spontaneity, independence, relaxation and determination, your own needs receive more attention. It stands for progress and commitment and encourages efforts to improve living conditions. It helps to vigorously pursue new goals.



Carnelian gives steadfastness, courage and energy. It gives new joie de vivre and vitality and helps to enjoy beauty. It also supports concen- tration, a sense of reality, a practical and realistic approach and strengthens the self-confidence to make demands or to overcome problems. It helps to process disappointments and cope with difficult and stressful situations.



Malachite, the stone of transformation and healing, shines in lush green and symbolizes joy of life and change. It supports emotional expression and promotes clarity and balance. Malachite protects against negative energy and strengthens self-confidence. It encourages opening the heart and positive ones Accepting changes, making it a powerful companion on the way to more joy in life and inner peace.



Mookaite is considered an energizing gem in regeneration and healing processes. It supports mental balance and promotes the desire for variety and new experiences. But despite all the love of life, it also gives deep inner peace. It helps to broaden the intellectual horizon. As a stone of balance, it helps through phases of inertia and listlessness, but at the same time dampens overzealous busyness.


Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline (Schörl) is one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies. It promotes the pursuit of harmony and clarity in life. It enables us to perceive developments and processes more closely and thus to be able to control them. It protects against negative thoughts and influences. It helps against burdens, stress, resentment and distrust, brings serenity and an open point of view.



Sodalite brings endurance, courage and increases self-confidence. Through more clarity and sincerity, it helps to get rid of one's own bad habits, feelings of guilt or fears and to free suppressed feelings. This healing stone lets you stand up for your own views, persistently pursue goals and thus ensures inner balance. But sodalite can also increase the power of thought and promote inspiration and talent.


Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye strengthens stamina and stability in difficult phases of life. It helps with stress, sharpens the senses and ensures perspective. It gives courage, protection and confidence. It strengthens in the event of ambiguities, thereby maintaining oversight and helps to make important decisions. It revitalizes in case of despondency and depression and gives confidence that things will turn out for the best.