The “Polar Circles” bracelet is a powerful representation of the majestic polar circles and their unique beauty. The use of Blue-colored Grooved Snake Agate and Crashed Rock Crystal creates a connection between the icy wonders of the poles and the energetic properties of these gemstones.

Grooved Snake Agate symbolizes the untouched ice and mysterious depths of the polar regions. This gemstone carries the energy of nature, connects the wearer with the clarity of ice and promotes balance and inner peace. Snake Agate serves as a spiritual bridge to the icy landscapes of the polar circles, opening a path to personal growth and transformation.

Crashed Rock Crystal represents the crystalline beauty and clear skies of the pole regions. This gemstone intensifies the spiritual energies of the bracelet, promoting clarity, enlightenment and a connection to higher levels of consciousness. Rock crystal acts like the radiant Northern Lights that illuminate the sky in the Polar Circles and supports the wearer in bringing light and clarity into their life.

The "Polar Circles" bracelet encourages you to overcome your own inner cold and use the light of Rock Crystal as a guide for your own spiritual path. It creates a connection to the pure and powerful energies of the polar circles, while at the same time the stabilizing and grounding power of Snake Agate is present.

This piece of jewelry is a reminder of the beauty of natural wonders and is also a powerful symbol of personal transformation. The gemstones serve as a key to integrating the fascinating energies of the polar circles into everyday life and enriching your own spiritual journey.


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Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems


Crashed Rock Crystal

Due to its purity and clarity, rock crystal conveys a clear perception, neutrality, a 'good nose' for the right time and an eye for the essentials. It focuses the thoughts on the set goal and can revive skills that were believed lost. It helps to overcome self-imposed mental limits. The rock crystal brings us clarity, order and harmony and gives us vitality and inner peace. It supports us in reflection, self-knowledge, wisdom and self-confidence. It fills us with positive energy, joy and happiness and gives us inner peace, mental clarity and serenity. Here we use the crashed version of the rock crystal. It is created by briefly heating the gemstone.


Grooved Snake Agate

The surface of the Grooved Snake Agate is expertly designed and it is available in many color nuances. The unique depressions and shades on its surface are reminiscent of experiences, life, loss and rebirth. Like traces of past tears or moments of happiness, this gemstone creates a connection to deep emotions, providing comfort and understanding. Grooved Snake Agate, in its diversity, is a powerful companion on the journey to inner healing and emotional resilience.