Our home planet Earth, also revered as “Gaia”, is a fascinating habitat, a symphony of breathtaking natural wonders and phenomena that reveal incomparable beauty. She is a poem of nature, written with mountain peaks, forests, the seven seas and the treasures that lie deep in her womb.

The term “GAIA” comes from Greek mythology, in which Gaia is the personified goddess of the earth. She represents our planet as a living, conscious being. For this reason we chose this name for our bracelet.

“GAIA” is intended to capture the fascinating energy of the earth. This bracelet is made of gemstones with special properties. Sodalite, with its deep blue color, represents clarity and intuition, like the vast sky and the seas. Magnesite embodies the power of nature, while serpentine reflects the dynamism of the plant world. The Moss Agate, with its green shimmer, is like a forest in the sunlight and symbolizes life, growth and harmony. Mookaite represents the diversity of mineral resources and reminds us that true treasures often lie beneath the surface.

Together, these gemstones create a bracelet that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also creates a deep connection to the earth's natural wonders. It's more than jewelry; it is a reminder that our world is full of beauty and spiritual meaning.

Wear this bracelet as a symbol of appreciation for Mother Earth and as
a reminder that we are part of this great, harmonious whole.


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Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems



Already in ancient times it was believed that aventurine gave courage and optimism. It supports relaxation, rest and a positive attitude towards life. It promotes self-determination and an individual personality, gives inner balance and frees from worries, fears or psychosomatic disorders. In addition, aventurine relieves stress and nervousness, stimulates dreams and gives cheerfulness and humor. With the help of aventurine, one's own dreams can be better acted out.



Magnesite is a gemstone that promotes inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. Its calming energy helps clear the mind and facilitates meditation. Magnesite creates a connection to inner wisdom and promotes self-reflection. This gemstone supports spiritual growth and the unfolding of consciousness by promoting harmony between body, mind and soul.



Mookaite is considered an energizing gem in regeneration and healing processes. It supports mental balance and promotes the desire for variety and new experiences. But despite all the love of life, it also gives deep inner peace. It helps to broaden the intellectual horizon. As a stone of balance, it helps through phases of inertia and listlessness, but at the same time dampens overzealous busyness.


Moss Agate

Moss Agate can strengthen well-being and awaken the mind, as it encourages new ideas and makes one's own life more conscious. With its help, a boring lifestyle can be changed, and old behavioral patterns can be reversed. It stands for inspiration, new ideas and creativity. Thus, it promotes awareness and communication, well-being, clarity, new ideas, awareness of life and hope.



Serpentine has long since been an important protective stone and supposedly blocks external influences. It gives deep calm and inner peace, therefore helps against stress and reduces aggressiveness and belligerence. It has a balancing effect on tension and mood swings. Serpentine helps to achieve even the most ambitious goals and to harmonize one's own desires with physical possibilities. It is considered a very good healing stone for physical and mental exhaustion, weakness and tiredness.



Sodalite brings endurance, courage and increases self-confidence. Through more clarity and sincerity, it helps to get rid of one's own bad habits, feelings of guilt or fears and to free suppressed feelings. This healing stone lets you stand up for your own views, persistently pursue goals and thus ensures inner balance. But sodalite can also increase the power of thought and promote inspiration and talent.