The "Solar System" bracelet is a breathtaking journey through the infinite expanses of the universe.
It consists of the gemstones Obsidian, Labradorite, Sodalite, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Calcite, Serpentine, Blue Quartz and Walnut Jasper. Each gemstone in the bracelet represents one of the planets
in our solar system and carries the essence of its beauty and meaning.

This unique piece of jewelry is not only a tribute to the planets that inhabit our cosmic neighborhood, but also a deep spiritual reminder. The "Solar System" bracelet reminds us that we are in a
harmonious relationship with the cosmic order that governs the universe itself.
The significance of this bracelet goes beyond its aesthetic splendor. It symbolizes the unity of life on earth with the forces of the cosmos. Wear it to feel a deeper connection to universal energy and
strengthen your spiritual journey. This bracelet reminds us that we exist not only on this planet,
but also in a larger cosmic context.

The gemstones that represent the planets carry individual characteristics and energies that influence us in subtle ways. The individual gemstones are explained below. This bracelet helps find our spiritual and emotional balance as we move through the currents of life.

This bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry, but a portal to cosmic knowledge. It reminds us that we are part of an amazing universe and that our connection to the planets is much more than just astronomical. It also reminds us of our responsibility towards our earth and all of creation.

The "Solar System" bracelet is a tribute to the beauty of planetary diversity and a call to preserve and appreciate this wonder we call home planet Earth.


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Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems


Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz is a gemstone of calm and clarity. Its gentle, calming energy promotes inner harmony and spiritual growth. It opens the mind to meditation and intuitive insights, releasing emotional blockages. Blue Quartz supports communication and creates a connection between the heart and throat chakra. This gemstone promotes peace and calm, boosts self-confidence and helps release negative thoughts.



Calcite strengthens secure feeling, self-esteem, joie de vivre and stands for diversity and open-mindedness, promotes communication, exchange, community and a confident attitude in life. It helps out of resignation, promotes steadfastness in arguments and also to overcome inhibitions and doubts and thus increase the chances of success. That should both promote mental and physical development.



The black obsidian dissolves blockages, shock, fears and trauma particularly well. It helps to deal with past experiences and resolve associated pain. At the same time, this healing stone allows you to discover good things in it and helps to learn from these experiences. The black obsidian also promotes unused skills and improves perception.


Red Jasper

It gives willpower, makes courageous and dynamic. It supports energy to implement your own goals and plans. It promotes courage for unpleasant tasks and stimulates the mind. It gives calm and inner harmony, stands for strength, courage, endurance and stamina and frees from blockages and external influences. But it also promotes warrior qualities and strengthens willingness and willpower in problem situations.



Serpentine has long since been an important protective stone and supposedly blocks external influences. It gives deep calm and inner peace, therefore helps against stress and reduces aggressiveness and belligerence. It has a balancing effect on tension and mood swings. Serpentine helps to achieve even the most ambitious goals and to harmonize one's own desires with physical possibilities. It is considered a very good healing stone for physical and mental exhaustion, weakness and tiredness.



Sodalite brings endurance, courage and increases self-confidence. Through more clarity and sincerity, it helps to get rid of one's own bad habits, feelings of guilt or fears and to free suppressed feelings. This healing stone lets you stand up for your own views, persistently pursue goals and thus ensures inner balance. But sodalite can also increase the power of thought and promote inspiration and talent.


Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye strengthens stamina and stability in difficult phases of life. It helps with stress, sharpens the senses and ensures perspective. It gives courage, protection and confidence. It strengthens in the event of ambiguities, thereby maintaining oversight and helps to make important decisions. It revitalizes in case of despondency and depression and gives confidence that things will turn out for the best.


Walnut Jasper

Walnut Jasper, a down-to-earth gemstone, radiates calming energy. With its deep connection to nature, it promotes stability and inner strength. Its warm, earthy color tones create harmony and support meditation. This grounding stone helps to find spiritual balance, strengthen roots and relieve emotional stress. Walnut Jasper opens doors to deep insights, promotes self-acceptance and directs energy into a healing flow. A spiritual journey companion that maintains grounding and opens the heart to higher vibs.