Shiva's eye, a powerful symbol in Asian mythology and spirituality, holds a profound meaning that merges with wearing this Eye Agate bracelet. Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and rebirth, is often depicted with a third eye. It represents divine wisdom, intuition and spiritual knowledge. In Hindu tradition, Shiva's eye is revered as a symbol of protection and spiritual guidance because it watches over everything and offers protection from danger. It is said that Shiva's eye pierces the darkness and gives the wearer
clarity and enlightenment.

The story of Shiva's Eye reminds us that by harnessing our inner strength and wisdom, we can overcome life's obstacles. In connection with the theme of protection, the bracelet becomes a symbol
of confidence and trust.

Eye Agate, a gemstone with distinctive, iridescent eye patterns, is traditionally associated with the third eye and intuitive perception. It is believed to provide protection from negative energies and strengthen spiritual perspective.

Wearing this bracelet, which embodies the essence of Shiva's eye, is intended to give the wearer a sense of protection and security. It is a reminder that in the midst of life's challenges, we have the ability to protect ourselves and develop our inner light. By connecting with the spiritual energy of Shiva and the stabilizing power of Eye Agate, this bracelet can help the wearer feel empowered and in harmony with themselves. It serves as a symbol of connection with the divine wisdom and protection that accompanies us on
our path through life.

Protection - Shiva's Eye

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  • Diameter of gemstones is 10 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems


Eye Agate

Striped Agates, and especially the Eye Agate, are special gemstones with a unique and mysterious charisma. As a gem for protection and fortune, they symbolize the third eye of Shiva, which according to legend always watches over its wearer. It is a powerful and important symbol of protection from evil forces. It bundles and strengthens positive energy, has a universally positive effect on well-being and wards off negative influences.



In particular, Onyx stands for the strengthening of self-confidence and assertiveness and promotes a healthy ego. It stands for sober thinking, logic and argumentative strengths and sharpens the senses of the wearer and his analytical ability. It strengthens the willingness to take on responsibility. It protects against the influence of negative energies and strengthens inner harmony.