Restart means leaving an old phase behind and starting something new with fresh energy and perspective. It involves letting go of the past, seizing new opportunities, and pursuing personal growth and change with hope and confidence.

Peridot, often referred to as a stone of reflection and reevaluation, helps recognize and let go of old patterns. It promotes a clear view of what lies behind us and opens opens the mind for new possibilities. Jade brings harmony and serenity to decision-making processes and supports taking courageous steps with clarity and wisdom. Carnelian, a stone of vitality and courage, gives the confidence to take on new challenges. Cat's Eye Obsidian protects against negative influences and provides a feeling of security and stability while venturing into unknown territory. Tiger Eye, known for its grounding properties, boosts self-confidence and promotes optimism and success. This stone encourages you to pursue goals with determination while keeping the positive in mind. Moonstone, a symbol of transformation, brings emotional balance and helps face change with ease and grace. Blue Disthene, also known as Kyanite, supports self-awareness and inner guidance. It promotes confidence in one's own abilities and self-reflection. Red Agate, a powerful stone for grounding and stability, promotes inner strength in times of change. It reminds us that every new beginning is also an opportunity to learn from the past and move forward with new confidence. Citrine symbolizes optimism and success. It attracts positive energies and promotes an open attitude to life. Citrine supports the manifestation of dreams and goals.

The “Restart” bracelet is a shining symbol of transformation and renewal. This artfully designed piece of jewelry consists of a unique combination of gemstones, each bringing their own powerful energy to the theme of new beginnings to support you on the way to new horizons. "Restart" is a strong companion on your journey to new beginnings and possibilities.

Wear this bracelet as a sign of your willingness to leave old paths and take new paths with an open heart and a clear mind. Let the power of these gemstones inspire and support you as you create your personal new beginning.


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Product Information:

  • Diameter of gemstones is 8 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.

Description of the gems


Blue Disthene

Blue Disthene, also called kyanite, promotes clarity of mind and communication. Its calming energy helps to release fears and overcome blockages. It inspires authenticity and self-expression, makes it easier to make decisions and supports the search for one's own truth. Blue Disthene strengthens trust in yourself and others, promotes peace and gives deep inner joy. Ideal for promoting joy in life and spiritual growth.



Citrine brings optimism, joy of life and energy and is said to refresh the body, mind and soul. It helps against stress and grief and depressive moods. It improves perception and helps to better process and understand experiences and disappointments. It strengthens self-confidence and your own individuality. It also brings clarity in life, curiosity and prosperity.



Jade stands for balance between activity and tranquility, supports being vibrant and agile and promotes playful self-fulfillment. It supports dynamism and mental flexibility. In case of excessive activity, jade can soothe, in case of indolence, activate. It is a protective gem against aggressive mental attacks and helps to reduce grief and tension for more balance and inner peace. It also encourages creativity.


Faceted Carnelian

Carnelian gives steadfastness, courage and energy. It gives new zest for life and vitality and helps to enjoy beauty. It also supports concentration, a sense of reality, a practical and realistic approach and strengthens the self-confidence to make demands or to overcome problems. It helps to process disappointments and to master difficult and stressful situations.


Cat's Eye Obsidian

Cat's Eye Obsidian, known for its mystical aura and protective function, acts as a spiritual shield. It promotes inner insight and clarity by warding off negative energies and releasing emotional blockages. This stone strengthens intuition and supports transformative processes. It brings hidden truths to light and promotes vigilance, making the wearer receptive to hidden messages and signs. Ideal for those who want to develop their inner wisdom and live more consciously.



It promotes empathy, depth of feeling and intuition and works particularly well for women. It brings vitality, cheerfulness and balance and gives a youthful radiance. The moonstone can alleviate fears. By increasing sensitivity, it draws attention to happy states and suddenly irrational impulses, i.e. signals from the subconsciousness.



Peridot, the stone of joy and vitality, brings light and warmth into your life. It strengthens self-confidence and promotes a positive attitude. Peridot helps reduce stress and negative emotions and supports opening the heart and mind. It attracts prosperity and luck, harmonizes relationships and inspires new beginnings. With its refreshing energy, peridot invigorates the senses and brings clarity and joy to everyday life. A perfect companion for a life full of joy.


Red Agate

Red Agate, the stone of vigor and stability, brings deep grounding and inner strength. It promotes courage and self-confidence, releases blockages and protects against negative energies. With its warm, calming energy it supports emotional balance and inner harmony. Red Agate inspires optimism and joy of life, helps to overcome challenges with confidence and enjoy life to the fullest. A powerful companion for a fulfilled, joyful life.


Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye strengthens stamina and stability in difficult phases of life. It helps with stress, sharpens the senses and ensures perspective. It gives courage, protection and confidence. It strengthens in the event of ambiguities, thereby maintaining oversight and helps to make important decisions. It revitalizes in case of despondency and depression and gives confidence that things will turn out for the best.