Wuxing (also called the “Five Elements”) is a concept from Chinese philosophy and cosmology that describes the fundamental elements or principles that make up nature and the universe. The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element has its own symbolic meaning and they all have a dynamic interrelationship with one another.

The connection between Wuxing and success is that the elements in both serve
to represent certain qualities and energies:

1. Wood (Jade, Fluorite, Moss Agate) and Step 1 (Ambition):
The element wood represents growth and development, similar to how goal setting is the first step in which the foundation for success is laid. The selection of gemstones in this step supports the idea of growth and harmony in relation to goals.

2. Fire (Red Jasper, Garnet, Carnelian) and Step 2 (Intent):
Fire symbolizes passion and determination, which is important in the statement of intent. The selected gemstones represent energy, willpower and joy of life, which are necessary
for a clear declaration of intent.

3. Earth (Yellow Jasper, Calcite, Tiger's Eye) and Step 3 (Execution):
The earth element represents stability and down-to-earthness, similar to how implementation requires firm steps and structures. The gemstones in this step contribute to the implementation
and realization of the goals.

4. Metal (Rock Crystal) and Step 4 (Control):
Metal symbolizes clarity and precision, which is crucial for controlling and evaluating progress.
Rock Crystal supports the idea of clarity and self-reflection.

5. Water (Onyx, Hematite) and Step 5 (Completion and Restart):
Water represents cleansing and new beginnings, similar to how the completion of a project marks a transition and a new beginning. The selected gemstones support relaxation, stability and grounding for this conclusion and the next step.

This bracelet combines the symbolic elements of Wuxing with the five steps of a success strategy to harness the energies and qualities of each element to promote success and personal development. It is a powerful tool to support your journey to success on a spiritual and practical level.

Success - 5 Elements (Wuxing)

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Product Information:
  • Diameter of gemstones is 10 mm.
  • Jeweler's professional silicone band is used for threading.
  • We grant a 2 year full warranty on the bracelet.



The core theme of the fluorite always is the freedom of decision, because it helps to become aware of heteronomy and to quickly dissolve unwanted influences. It makes creative and inventive. Suppressed feelings can be brought to mind through it and fluoride helps to make this happen. It is emotionally stabilizing, promotes self-confidence, mental clarity and quick understanding.


Jade stands for balance between activity and tranquility, supports being vibrant and agile and promotes playful self-fulfillment. It supports dynamism and mental flexibility. In case of excessive activity, jade can soothe, in case of indolence, activate. It is a protective gem against aggressive mental attacks and helps to reduce grief and tension for more balance and inner peace. It also encourages creativity.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate can strengthen well-being and awaken the mind, as it encourages new ideas and makes one's own life more conscious. With its help, a boring lifestyle can be changed, and old behavioral patterns can be reversed. It stands for inspiration, new ideas and creativity. Thus, it promotes awareness and communication, well-being, clarity, new ideas, awareness of life and hope.


Red Jasper

It gives willpower, makes courageous and dynamic. It supports energy to implement your own goals and plans. It promotes courage for unpleasant tasks and stimulates the mind. It gives calm and inner harmony, stands for strength, courage, endurance and stamina and frees from blockages and external influences. But it also promotes warrior qualities and strengthens willingness and willpower in problem situations.


Carnelian gives steadfastness, courage and energy. It gives new joie de vivre and vitality and helps to enjoy beauty. It also supports concentration, a sense of reality, a practical and realistic approach and strengthens the self-confidence to make demands or to overcome problems. It helps to process disappointments and cope with difficult and stressful situations.


Garnet gives strength, courage, energy and passion. It protects against dangers and helps to assert oneself against bad injustice. Garnet also stands for confidence and strength in change, has a constructive and strengthening effect on all activities and promotes resilience, endurance and creative thinking. It is considered the guardian of deep friendships and helps with melancholy and depression.


Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper gives inner peace and promotes stamina as well as will-power, tenacity and perseverance. It helps to reflect experiences and cope with frustrating experiences. It supports self-awareness and at the same time promotes understanding towards other people. It strengthens mind, memory and energy. Ideas or goals can be better considered and carefully implemented.

Tiger Eye

The tiger eye strengthens stamina and stability in difficult phases of life. It helps with stress, sharpens the senses and ensures perspective. It gives courage, protection and confidence. It strengthens in the event of ambiguities, thereby maintaining oversight and helps to make important decisions. It revitalizes in case of despondency and depression and gives confidence that things will turn out for the best.


Calcite strengthens secure feeling, self-esteem, joie de vivre and stands for diversity and open-mindedness, promotes communication, exchange, community and a confident attitude in life. It helps out of resignation, promotes steadfastness in arguments and also to overcome inhibitions and doubts and thus increase the chances of success. That should both promote mental and physical development.


Rock Crystal

Due to its purity and lucidity, rock crystal conveys a clear perception, neutrality, a "good instinct" for the right time and awareness for the essence. It stands for reflection, self-awareness, wisdom and self-confidence. The gem focuses thoughts on set goals and can revive skills that were believed lost. It helps to overcome self-imposed mental limits.



In particular, Onyx stands for the strengthening of self-confidence and assertiveness and promotes a healthy ego. It stands for sober thinking, logic and argumentative strengths and sharpens the senses of the wearer and his analytical ability. It strengthens the willingness to take on responsibility. It protects against the influence of negative energies and strengthens inner harmony.


Hematite gives courage, gives strength, vigor, vitality and joie de vivre. Through more spontaneity, independence, relaxation and determination, your own needs receive more attention. It stands for progress and commitment and encourages efforts to improve living conditions. It helpsto vigorously pursue new goals.